Located 72 kms from Granada and 75 kms from Málaga, its installations and the neat service are the basis of a fast-growing tourist industry, born under an idyllic scene.
Almuñecar has an important hotel infrastructure that is continuosly growing.
As a consequence of the relief of its coast and its extension, Almuñecar´s beaches are very different and in most of the cases are separated by rocks giving as a result several landscapes. If you go for a walk in the city, you will be able to see the traces of the different civilizations and cultures that came together in this lovely place.
The Tropical Coast some information of the tropical coast of south of Spain
Phone: (00 34) 958 603 868
Mobile: (00 34) 661 505 558
St. Antonio García Maldonado 2, 6ºC Motril (18600), GRANADA - SPAIN
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